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Urban beekeeping for beginners

Have you been thinking about keeping bees? After reading more about bees in the last couple of years than in the last 20 has the thought of actually keeping bees gone from a mere whimsy, to ... "That's something I could do, and I think I'd like to try," and having some in the back yard, or on the deck, or on the roof has become focused, and maybe ... just maybe ... possible.

And newspapers, magazines, shows on TV and even web pages keep showing beekeepers making honey, looking in those hives, and talking about pollination and how good bees are for the environment ... yup, this IS something to try, and they're doing it in towns and cities and on roof tops and porches and empty lots and backyards, so maybe I can too?

But where do you start? You don't even know any beekeepers, and Home Depot doesn't carry bee hives, Wal-Mart doesn't have bee suits, and the farm supply store you pass on the way to work everyday doesn't have bees for sale. So where? And probably more important, how?

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